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Photovoltaic panel: how is it exploited in the home?


In houses with photovoltaic systems, everything originates from the panels on the roof.

Once new clean energy is generated, it is conveyed to the solar inverter, an essential component of the system that converts direct current to alternating current before feeding it into the household grid.

At the same time, the energy is also used to charge storage batteries, which are needed to ensure a reserve of electricity during the night or on particularly cloudy days.

From the solar inverter, alternating current passes through a meter that measures its production, consumption, and quantity: obviously, the more light that is absorbed, the more electricity will be produced by the panel.

From the electricity meter, electricity is transferred to the main switchboard, through which it is fed into the building’s electrical system where it can then be used normally.

The benefits of photovoltaic energy are many and range from saving money to reducing pollution, since by harnessing the sun’s rays, no CO2 or other pollutants are emitted.

This kind of energy is always available and in large quantities: in fact, the sun is a renewable and inexhaustible source and can safely be harnessed for another 5 billion years!

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