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PAC Battery provides one-stop service and various batteries, such as:

Home storage battery: Wall mounted type, wheel stand type and stackable type; 24V 5kWh, 24V 10kWh, 48V 5kWh, 48V 7kWh, 48V 10kWh, 48V 20kWh, 400V 8kWh, 400V 12kWh, etc

Commercial solar battery: rack type battery in cabinet; 24V 200Ah, 24V 300Ah, 24V 400Ah, 48V 100Ah, 48V 150Ah, 48V 200Ah and high voltage batteries, capacity 50Ah~1000Ah, etc

Telecom lithium storage battery: 19 inch battery modules, rack mounted type in cabinet; 24V 5kWh, 24V 7.5kWh, 24V 10kWh, 48V 50Ah, 48V 100Ah, 48V 150Ah and higher capacity.

High voltage solar battery backup for factory, village, island: 96V 100Ah, 192V 50Ah, 240V 100Ah, 360V 300Ah, 384V 50Ah, 400V 150kWh, 480V 100kWh, 720V 200kWh, etc

All-in-one grid tied, off-grid, hybrid energy storage system: single phase, three phase, split phase; 5kW~100kW; with 110V/120V, 208/220/230/240V, 400V, 480V AC output.

Customized battery pack for: AGV, Golf Cart, Golf trolley, Low speed vehicle, portable EV charger system, etc

Lithium battery for lead-acid replacement: 12V, capacity from 4.5Ah to 400Ah, with ABS case or metal case.

Portable solar generator: for residential use and outdoor use, power from 100W to 1000W.

         Quality Control        

         Quality Control        

Top quality electric vehicle grade cell, advanced assembly technology and modular design, strict quality check to ensure stable performance and high reliability
       One Stop Service      

       One Stop Service      

PAC provides OEM/ODM services, full technical support, professional solar system solutions based on project demands


UL, IEC62619, CE, IEC62133, ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3 etc. approved


                5~15 years factory warranty
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