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  • 518Wh AC Output Lithium Battery 500W Portable Solar Generator For camping

    Solar Energy Storage System

    This 500W Portable Power Station is using rechargeable li ion batteries, manufactured by PAC Technology Co.,Ltd, provides portable power with a range of AC / DC / USB outputs, to keep your smart phones, tablets, lights & other small electrical devices charged & operating. It is built with 518Wh lithium battery pack and 500W inverter. The suggested solar panel is 120W.

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    518Wh AC Output Lithium Battery 500W Portable Solar Generator For camping

    Battery Rechargeable lithium ion Battery
    Battery Capacity 14.8V 35Ah
    Dimensions(Length*Width*Height*Total Height) 310*170*213mm
    Product Weight about 6.8Kg
    Battery Pack Input Recharging AC Adapter: DC19V/5A
    Car charger: 19V/2.5ASolar Panel: MPPT, 18V-24V/5A (Max)
    Fully Charged Time for battery DC19V/5A: 7-8 hours
    DC Output 2 x DC5521: 12-16.8V/10A (14.5A Max)
    USB Output 2×USB-A: 5V/2.4A

    1×USB-A: QC3.0, 5-12V/18W

    1×TYPE-C: QC3.0, 5-12V/18W

    AC Output Pure Sine Wave Output:
    Rate Power: 500W(Peak power: 1000W)AC Voltage: 100/110/120/220/230/240V

    Output Frequency: 50/60Hz

    ☆For actual voltage and frequency, please refer to the sticker at the bottom of the unit.

    Cigarette Lighter Output 1*Cigarette Lighter Output: 12~16.8V/10A (14.5A Max)
    Power Indicator LED Display
    Operating Temperature for li ion battery -10℃~ +40℃
    Battery cycle life >500 times
    Package Contents 1×Portable Power Supply 1×AC Adapter

    1×Car Charger 

    1×User Manual



    1. The unit can be recharged by 3 ways: Wall socket, car charger and solar panel:
    Connect the charger plug to the DC Input of the unit to charge it. The power indicators will blink and the fan continues to run at a low speed to indicate that the unit is charging. When the unit is fully charged, all power indicators will stop blinking and remain solid. After the unit is fully charged, remove the charger plug.


    The unit has a variety of charging protection functions, supports multiple charging methods, and supports charging and discharging at the same time, which is very suitable for solar charging.

    2. Protection Modes of recharging:

    1. Charge Over-Current Protection: this unit has maximum charge current limitation, so as to prevent excessive charge current from damaging the battery and circuit components.

    2. Charge Over-Voltage Protection: this unit has maximum charge voltage limitation, so as to prevent excessive charge voltage from damaging the battery or causing a fire.

    3. Trickling Charge: if the battery is seriously depleted, it will use small current to charge the unit.

    This unit supports 3 ways of recharging (as below). You can use this unit when it’s charging.

    1. This unit has built-in lithium batteries with no memory effect. Therefore there is no need to activate the batteries by charging and discharging.

    2. In order to extend the life of the unit (lithium battery), please charge it regularly and avoid deep discharge.

    3. In a low-temperature environment, the battery activity is reduced, and discharge capacity is reduced exponentially, please use the unit in an appropriate environment. Charging and discharging can increase the temperature of the unit to keep battery capacity at its highest.

    4. Use this unit in the range of +5℃~+30℃, to obtain the optimal charging capacity.

    5. Solar panel is compatible with 18V-22V voltage, and to achieve ideal charging efficiency, we recommend you to use 20V-22V solar panels.

    6. The life-cycle of battery charging and discharging is >500 times. After 500 times, the capacity will be significantly reduced, and will wear out eventually.

    1. Portable power station for outdoor activities:
    Camping, Traveling, Climbing, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Adventure Business
    2. Portable power generator for Caravan:
    RV, Camper, Van, Yacht
    3. Portable power bank for Emergency Backup:
    PowerShortage, PowerShut-Down, Typhoon/Hurricane, Earthquake/Disaster
    4. 200W portable power system for Night Market:
    Street Vendor, NightMarket
    5. Portable power pack for CPAP/BIPEP:
    CPAP, Medical, Rescue
    6. Lithium power generator for HomePower:
    Daily Power Supply, Rural Area, Remote Area, Island

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