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  • Good Quality Electric Bike Battery Pack, Lithium battery 36V 10Ah  

    EV/Golf Cart Batteries, Lithium Ion Battery

    Good Quality Electric Bike Battery Pack, Lithium battery 36V 10Ah  

    We have different options with 36V 8Ah, 9Ah, 10Ah, 12Ah by using different capacity cells. We could also make customized e-bike battery by using of Panasonic, LG, Samsung 18650 cell.

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    Good Quality Electric Bike Battery Pack, Lithium battery 36V 10Ah  

    Capacity: 10Ah (standard discharge(0.2C));
    Internal Resistance: ≤70mΩ;
    Nominal Voltage: 36V;
    Max. suggested continuous discharge current: 15A
    Voltage at end of Discharge: 25V;
    Voltage at end of Charging: 42V;
    Standard Charge: Constant Current 0.2C Constant Voltage 42V 0.02C cut-off, charge time:Approx 6 hours;
    Standard Discharge: Constant Current 0.2C end Voltage 3.0V;
    Fast Charge: Constant Current 1C Constant, Voltage 42V 0.02C5A cut-off, charge time:Approx 2 hours;

    Operation Temperature Range: Charge:0~55℃, Discharge:-20~60℃.
    Storage Temperature Range: 
    Less than 1 year:-20~25℃, 
    Less than 3 months:-20~45℃

    1. Lighter weight, smaller size

    2. High temperature performance
    3. Extremely safe, no explosion, no fire under collision
    4. Strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention
    5. Strong charging acceptance and quick-charging capability 6.Maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage
    7. Large capability and long life for all high power output applications
    8. Environmentally friendly non-toxic, non-contaminating, no rare metal.
    9. Low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low temperature
    10. Excellent large current discharge performance especially in startup and climbing

    • Lithium polymer battery cell manufacturing, with 1000+ existing cell models.

    • Cylindrical Lithium ion battery cell manufacturing, with model of 18650, 26650, 14500, 32650, 38120.
    • Battery assembly with International branded 18650 cells, like Samsung, LG, • Panasonic, Sony, etc..
    • Battery management system (BMS/PCM) design, production is done in-house.
    • Battery Plastic housing tooling, injection is done in-house

    1.Light: headlamp, emergency light, solar flashlight, searchlight, lanten, bicycle light, LED light, military
    flashlight, high-end flashlight, high power flashlight, bright flashlight.
    2.Outdoor sports products: camping light, mountain bike light, solar emergency light, self-defense flashlight,
    3.Consumer electronics: MPS, Tablet PC. laptop, Bluetooth earphone, power bank, portable DVD player,
    speaker, microphone, sound equipment, audio, Digital camera
    4.Home appliances products: electric mop, electric vacuum cleaner, electric children toys, electric shoes,
    electric blanket.
    5.Medical devices
    6.Instruments and meters: water meter, gas meter.
    7.Electric transportation vehicles: electric bike, electric car, e-scooter, electric motor, electric trolley, electric cart.
    8.Power tools: electric drill, mower
    9.UPS, backup energy, storage energy.

    We warmly welcome OEM design inquiry! We could make customized battery pack specially for you!

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