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  • Solar battery backup lithium storage 40kwh 8kW 220V output all in one system

    Home Storage Battery, Rack LiFePO4 Battery, Solar Energy Storage System

    This all-in-one energy storage system is built with 40kWh LiFePO4 battery and 8kW hybrid inverter, widely use for 

    * Home solar energy storage system, hospital, school, office space...
    * Solar/wind energy storage system
    * Solar battery backup
    * On grid/off grid battery storage system

    The battery is compatible with many inverter brands, such as SMA, Sol-ark, Schneider, Solis, Sofar, Sungrouw, Solax, Goodwe, Growatt, Victron, Deye, InfiniSolar, etc

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    Solar battery backup lithium storage 40kwh 8kW 220V output all in one system

    Solar battery backup lithium storage 40kwh 8kW 220V output all in one system
    23.62” W x 81.42”H (w/feet) x 31.50” D /
    60 cm W x 206.8 cm H x 80 cm D
    1323 lbs. (600 kg.)
    Enclosure Rating
    NEMA 3R Outdoor Rated
    Operating Temperature
    -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
    Charging Temperature (batteries)
    32°F to 120°F (0 °C to 49°C)
    Enclosure Warranty Period
    2 years
    On or Off-Grid
    Grid Type
    Split phase, 2/3 phase, Single Phase
    Output Frequency (selectable)
    60 Hz or 50 Hz
    Output Voltage
    120/240Vac(split phase), 208Vac(2/3 phase), 230Vac(single phase)
    Rated AC Output and UPS Power (W)
    Max AC Output Power(W)
    Peak Power(off grid)
    2 times of rated power, 10 S
    AC Output Rated Current(A)
    Max. AC Current(A)
    Max Continuous AC Passthrough(A)
    Current Harmonic Distortion
    THD<3%(Linear loading<1.5%)
    MPPT Efficiency
    PV Arc Fault Detection, PV Input Lightning Protection, Anti-islanding Protection, PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection,
    Insulation Resistor Detection, Residual Current Monitoring Unit, Output Over Current Protection, Output Shorted Protection, Output
    Over Voltage Protection
    Grid Regulation
    UL1741,IEEE1547,RULE21,VDE 0126,AS4777,NRS2017,G98,G99
    Safety Regulation
    IEC62109-1, IEC62109-2
    EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3, FCC 15 class B
    Solar PV – DC Coupled
    No. of Strings per MPPT Tracker
    Max Connected PV Power
    Min PV Array Starting Voltage
    150 VDC
    PV Input Voltage (V)
    MPPT Voltage Range
    125 – 425 VDC
    PV Input Current (A)
    Lithium Battery
    40 kWh-51.2V LiFePO4 battery
    Rated kWh Capacity @ C/2
    40 kWh
    Usable kWh Capacity @ 80% DoD
    38 kWh
    Max Combined Output Power
    20 kW DC
    Max Combined Charge Current
    400 ADC (limited by the inverter to 190A)
    Max Combined Discharge Current
    400 ADC (limited by the inverter to 190A)
    Charging Temperature
    32°F to 50°F (0°C to 10°C): 80A charging current
    50°F to 122°F (10°C to 50°C): 200A charging current
    Depth of Discharge
    Up to 100% DoD
    Round Trip Efficiency
    Cycle Life
    6,000+ cycles (@ 80% DoD)


    Features of outdoor use all-in-one 48v 40kwh battery system:

    • Auto restart while AC is recovering
    • Outdoor rated enclosure can be free-standing, or pad-mounted
    • No cobalt, thermal regulation, cooling, or risk of fire
    • Extended operating temperature
    • Programmable supply priority for battery or grid
    • Programmable multiple operation modes: On grid, off grid and UPS
    • Configurable AC/Solar/Generator Charger priority by LCD setting
    • With limit function, prevent excess power overflow to the grid
    • Supporting WIFI monitoring and build-in 2 strings of MPPT trackers
    • Maintenance free, no memory effect

    Reliable quality -- We have more than 10 years of battery industry experience. Automated production line and precise equipment. In strict accordance with international standards for production inspection, to ensure product quality and safety.

    Positive service -- We give response for all inquiries/questions in 12 hours. We have a professional R&D team, we can provide professional customized and one-stop services.

    Taking responsibility -- PAC members to proactively take responsibility, we always offer the best solution to our customers.

    1. Energy Storage
       --Solar-Wind Power System / City Grid (On/Off) / Community and Residential
    2.Back-up System and UPS
       --Telecom Base / CATV system / Computer Server Center / Medical Instrument / Military Equipment 



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