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High discharge battery pack 7S1P 25.9V 10Ah 15C for Drone

Lithium Polymer Battery

High discharge battery pack 7S1P 25.9V 10Ah,
with 15C discharge current
used for RC car, high drone


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High discharge battery pack 7S1P 25.9V 10Ah 15C for Drone

Connecting mode: 7 S1P
Nominal capacity: 10000mAh @ 0.5C Discharge
Minimum capacity: 9500mAh @ 0.5C Discharge
Nominal voltage: 25.9V (cell 3.7V)
PACK Voltage(As of shipment): 26.6~27.3V(cell 3.8~3.9V)
Internal Impedance: ≤12mΩ
Dimensions: MAX(T*W*H): 62*67*165mm
Pack weight: 1450 g (APPROX)
Standard Charge: 5ACC(constant current)charge to 29.4V,then CV(constant voltage 29.4V)charge till charge current decline to ≤0.05C
Rapid Charge: Constant Current 10A,Constant Voltage29.4V,0.05C cut-off
Charging time: Standard Charging:3.0hours(Ref.); Rapid charge:1.5hours(Ref.)
Constant discharge current: Constant current  90A end voltage22.4V
Peak discharge current: Peak current 150A,Continue time ≤3S
High Rate Discharge: ≥5.7 min Standard Charge/rest 5min discharge at 90Ato 22.4V.

Notice:Please do not assemble the battery privately, Parallel charging for two packs of batteries maybe lead to short circuit or ignition. If no otherwise specified, an interval rest time is 30min between charging and discharging.


• Lithium polymer battery cell manufacturing, with 1000+ existing cell models.

• Cylindrical Lithium ion battery cell manufacturing, with model of 18650, 26650, 14500, 32650, 38120.
• Battery assembly with International branded 18650 cells, like Samsung, LG, • Panasonic, Sony, etc..
• Battery management system (BMS/PCM) design, production is done in-house.
• Battery Plastic housing tooling, injection is done in-house

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