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Les panneaux solaires fonctionnent-ils quand il neige?


Oui, les panneaux solaires produisent de l'électricité dans des conditions enneigées – as long as the snow isn’t too heavy.

Sunlight can pass through a light dusting of snow, afin que votre système de panneaux solaires produise de l'électricité solaire pendant les chutes de neige légères. Et le froid est en fait bon pour les panneaux solaires, as it prevents them from getting too hot and losing efficiency.

A heavy accumulation of snow, on the other hand, would block sunlight and greatly reduce energy production. The good news is that this situation rarely occurs: solar panels are great at shedding snow. This is because they are slick, warm up as they absorb heat, and are usually installed at an angle.

The Department of Energy also points out that, similar to rain, snow is effective in cleaning panels, as it melts away.

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