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Solar battery buyer’s guide: how to choose the right home battery


Shopping for a solar battery can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of options and home energy storage is still a relatively new concept to most homeowners.

To help you choose the best solar battery to pair with your solar panel system, we’ve broken down the key factors you should keep an eye out for in our 2021 solar battery buyer’s guide.

Key takeaways

1.If you are looking to power your home for an extended period of time, look for batteries with high capacity ratings.

2.If you want to run multiple appliances at once, you should purchase a battery with a high continuous power rating.

3.If you want to maximize how much money you are saving with a solar battery, look for batteries with high round-trip efficiencies.

4.If you have limited space, going for a nickel manganese cadmium (NMC) battery will be able to hold the most electricity in the smallest area.

5.If safety is a main concern of yours, consider pairing your solar energy system with a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batterie.

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