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Are solar batteries worth it in Australia?


Yes, solar battery systems are definitely worth it in Australia. Australia encounters some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world. These extreme weather conditions include long and bright hours of scorching heat. Solar panels often generate more electricity than the required daily consumption in a household.

The excess generated electricity is sold to the mains electricity grid as a feed-in tariff for a small amount of money. But if we store this excess energy in solar battery storage and use it during night-time or when the solar panels do not generate sufficient electricity, we can save more money on energy bills.

You can also go off-grid by using solar battery storage. Going off-grid means you will be completely dependent on the energy generated by the solar power system of your house. This will help you to save the entire cost of your energy bills and will also help the environment with climate change.

Australia is on its mission towards net-zero emissions. The country wants to completely switch to renewable energy sources and bring the use of non-renewable sources to generate zero electricity. This will not only help Australia economically but will also help the planet from the harsh consequences of climate change.

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