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PAC Battery provides one-stop service and various batteries, such as:

Home storage battery: Wall mounted type, wheel stand type and stackable type; 24V 5kWh, 24V 10kWh, 48V 5kWh, 48V 7kWh, 48V 10kWh, 48V 20kWh, 400V 8kWh, 400V 12kWh, etc

Commercial solar battery: rack type battery in cabinet; 24V 200Ah, 24V 300Ah, 24V 400Ah, 48V 100Ah, 48V 150Ah, 48V 200Ah and high voltage batteries, capacity 50Ah~1000Ah, etc

Telecom lithium storage battery: 19 inch battery modules, rack mounted type in cabinet; 24V 5kWh, 24V 7.5kWh, 24V 10kWh, 48V 50Ah, 48V 100Ah, 48V 150Ah and higher capacity.

High voltage solar battery backup for factory, village, island: 96V 100Ah, 192V 50Ah, 240V 100Ah, 360V 300Ah, 384V 50Ah, 400V 150kWh, 480V 100kWh, 720V 200kWh, etc

All-in-one grid tied, off-grid, hybrid energy storage system: single phase, three phase, split phase; 5kW~100kW; with 110V/120V, 208/220/230/240V, 400V, 480V AC output.

Customized battery pack for: AGV, Golf Cart, Golf trolley, Low speed vehicle, portable EV charger system, etc

Lithium battery for lead-acid replacement: 12V, capacity from 4.5Ah to 400Ah, with ABS case or metal case.

Portable solar generator: for residential use and outdoor use, power from 100W to 1000W.

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