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Почему батареи близки к своей теоретической эффективности и пределам стоимости?


Мы НЕ приблизились к теоретическим пределам.

Для литий-ионного аккумулятора – теоретический предел 460 Втч/кг. Аккумуляторы Теслы находятся в 250 Втч/кг.

Так – у нас все еще есть близко к 100% возможность улучшения.

Но это предполагает, что мы придерживаемся литий-ионной технологии..

Литий-медно-хлоридные батареи теоретически могут достигать 1,200 Wh/kg and Vanadium Boride Air batteries can reach 27,000 Wh/kg…which is 100 times better than a Tesla battery pack.

Tesla’s new Roadster will have a 600 mile range…with Vanadium Boride Airthey could go 60,000 miles!!

К сожалению, the Vanadium Boride Air batteries are not (currently) rechargeable…but if you can get 60,000 miles from a battery without ever recharging ityou might well decide to throw it away and stick a new one in there every 60,000 miles.

Providing we can recycle them efficientlythat may just be the right solution!

But battery technology is still changingwe don’t know what the real limit might be.

Cost limits are another matter. The current cost of batteries is down to production methods.

A Tesla battery pack with about 4,000 individual batteries in it costs about $3,000 to replace. So less than $1 per battery. If you wanted to buy one of those batteries from some no-name place in Chinayou’d pay about $8 for them.

So quite possibly, Tesla’s advanced battery manufacturing plant is doing things *WAY* more efficiently.

More efficiencies are probably possible yet…who knows?

But your claim that we at the limits is clearly untrue.

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