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Solar Storage Battery


Along with panels and inverters, batteries are rapidly becoming an essential component of modern solar systems. Solar batteries have many benefits and can be of critical importance for homeowners looking to protect themselves against power outages.

At the most basic levelsolar batteries allow power produced by a solar system to be stored for use at a later time.

All solar systems produce power at different times than homeowners use it. Solar systems will typically overproduce during the middle of the day compared to what the homeowner needs. This extra production is back-fed to the utility grid through a program called net energy metering. By selling their excess power to the gridhomeowners accumulate credit that can be used to offset the power they draw in at night when the solar panels aren’t producing power.

When a solar system is paired to a batteryhomeowners have the option to use their extra electricity to charge up their battery instead of sending it back the grid.

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