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Какое мобильное устройство предлагает самое продолжительное время автономной работы?


A phone’s battery life depends on a host of factors.

Емкость батареи: This is the maximum amount of power that the battery can store at a given time. This is measured in Miliampre hourse (мАч). This means that the more the Miliampre Hours, the power power can be stored and the better the battery life. Однако, this capacity can reduce depending on usage and time.
Usage: The way people use phones differ, some people use some specific functions that require more battery power than others. These include gaming, internet downloading et c.
Phone optimization: Some phone CPUs are very optimized so that they consume very little power when performing some functions. Due to this, they only need a small battery capacity.
Phone brands like Infinix and Gionee are known for packing their phones with huge battery capacities. Some as high as 6000 мАч. Однако, due to how big these batteries are. Due to time and usage their capacities tend to reduce by a large amount compared to other phones with more modest capacities.

Samsung has more modest battery capacities with the highest being 3500mAh. But due to its high power consumption, the battery life is nowhere as good as the Infinix of Gionee.

The iPhone has really modest battery capacities. With all their apps and even the system so optimized, the phone does not need to carry a big battery. With Capacities as low as 2500mAh. It still competes with the aforementioned phones in terms of battery power.

In Conclusion, if you’re looking for battery power and are willing to let go of all the beautiful specs then you can go for big battery phones like Infinix and Gionee.

Однако, it depends on the usage too.. If you are a modest user, a Samsung or iPhone will do very nicely. If you are a very heavy user.. The Infinix which has a big battery and charges was faster than all other brands is your best bet.

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