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Каковы преимущества солнечной энергии?


Cover Sockets and Outlets

Particularly if you have small children or pets, важно охватить все потенциально опасные зоны. Настенные тарелки, Крышки выключателей света и пластиковые крышки вилок – это не просто эстетические инструменты, они очень важны для того, чтобы уберечь вас от опасности.

Replace Old or Damaged Equipment

If equipment is old or damaged, do not let it get worse, call an electrician immediately to complete the job. Handling old or dysfunctional equipment could have fatal consequences.

Don’t Overwhelm Power Outlets

It’s true, there never are enough plugs when you need them, but overwhelming them with extension cords is asking for trouble. Blown fuses and electrical fires are very real consequences of such activity. Try to limit the amount of temporary arrangements that you require, if you still find yourself in need of extension cords, consider installing a new power outlet.

Store Electrical Goods Safely

Keeping electrical goods stored in areas where water is present is a really silly idea and is a common cause of painful electric shocks. Think about where you store your electrical goods and prevent an unnecessary shock.

Be Careful with Electrical Work

And finally, if you are conducting electrical work, take the necessary precautions. Turn off power sources, wear protective gloves and clothing and remove metal jewellery.

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