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Хранение солнечных батарей – что вам нужно знать


Возможно, самый частый вопрос, когда речь идет о солнечных панелях и солнечных фотоэлектрических системах. (PV) системы, «Куда уходит избыточная энергия, улавливаемая панелями?? Это впустую??
Это двойной вопрос и двойной ответ. Если не принять во внимание, он будет возвращен в национальную сеть Великобритании.. But if you have a solar battery storage system, it can be saved so that you can use it at another time when the weather is cloudy or in the evenings.

To help you decide whether a battery storage system is right for you, read on for all the other most frequently asked questions.

Why combine solar panels with battery storage?
If you have solar panels, your energy bills will already be reduced thanks to your energy self-consumption when at home.

But when set up with the technology of solar battery storage, you can store any electricity that’s been gathered during the daytime but not immediately used. You’ll then be benefitting from every kilowatt of energy your panels produce.

Can I retrofit an existing solar PV system with a battery storage system?
The short answer: yes. If you already have solar panels, you can easily add a solar battery to an existing solar PV system.

Some technical requirements and considerations will need to be applied, такой как, the solar battery must be either AC-coupled or DC-coupled, but any installer worth their salt will have this covered when they look at what you need.

Is it worth the expense of getting a solar battery storage system?
In the UK, there are currently around 10,000 homes using solar storage systems. The costs can vary, with the more expensive models giving you more capacity to store more electricity.

Are these 10,000 people saving money? Which? Conducted a survey of 119 solar battery owners, and almost 75% said battery storage has helped them save money.

A solar battery storage system can be a sound investment; you just need to make sure you’re getting the right setup for your needs. A battery storage specialist (like us) can help you determine this.

Where can I install a solar battery storage system?
Battery storage systems can generally be installed in most spaces, indoors or outdoors, to a wall or the ground.

For home use, for instance, the ideal placement would be in a hall cupboard, an understairs cupboard, or a utility room. Viable alternatives would be a garage or loft. We offer free surveys where our expert installers look at all the options available and create the best plan for your property.

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