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Преимущества и преимущества использования солнечной энергии


Выбор использования солнечной энергии становится все более популярным и распространенным.. Мы все больше понимаем преимущества, которые это может дать в плане экономии затрат и помощи окружающей среде.. Но это не единственные преимущества использования солнечной энергии..

Вот пять веских причин перейти на солнечную энергию, если ты еще этого не сделал.

Save more money
Ok, so this is the obvious one but worth mentioning simply due to how much you can save – typically around £400 per year when you take on solar PV. А также, generating your own clean energy not only lowers your electricity bills, it’s an excellent way to reduce reliance on the grid.

The cost of power is only going in one direction. Over the past decade, electricity prices have been steadily increasing. Solar panel installations can protect you against these rising costs meaning you’ll likely save more and more as time goes by.

Get a return on your investment
Generating solar energy to power your home or business is a brilliant way to save money, but you can also use it to make money too! If you’re generating more power than you use, it doesn’t have to go to waste – you can still get the full benefit of every kilowatt you produce. Since net metering is involved, you can sell the solar panels’ leftover power back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee.

The money you get from net metering together with the money you save on bills and other incentives should soon pay back the cost of your solar power system. Anything after that is money in your pocket.

Reduce your footprint
We all know that the world needs cleaner energy, yet only a small percentage of us currently use solar PV. Going solar means you can make a real difference by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels including natural gas and coal.

As well as the overall wellbeing of the planet, you would also be helping the UK achieve its carbon goals. If saving for yourself wasn’t enough incentive, helping save the planet as well, should be.

Reduced maintenance needs
Solar harnessing technology is advancing considerably, making it more efficient and more robust. В настоящий момент, solar panels last for around 30 годы, with virtually no maintenance required within that time. Naturally, this has knock-on benefits for the environment too; fewer replacement parts and general maintenance means a lot less waste is produced.

Increased Property Value
The long life of solar panels certainly makes the technology a long-term investment, but on top of the day-to-day savings you can make, every kilowatt of installed solar power adds to a property’s overall resell value.

Research indicates that solar energy can increase UK property prices by over £32,000.

Put the power into your own hands – save money, help the environment and benefit from the many other advantages solar power can provide you with.

Find out how much you could save from solar PV by getting in touch with our team.

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