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3 Признаки необходимости замены батареек в системе сигнализации


Периодически, для оптимальной работы батареи в вашей системе сигнализации необходимо заменить.. Прежде чем определить, когда следует заменить батареи, вам придется проверить свою систему, чтобы узнать, какой источник питания она использует. Некоторые системы работают на электричестве., в то время как другие используют исключительно батарейки. Другие используют комбинацию того и другого.. PAC POWER can provide expert advice on finding the right batteries for your alarm system and replacing them as needed.

Typical Alarm System Configurations

Before deciding when to replace the battery on youralarm system, it helps to know what kind of power configuration your system has. Control panels that control the system are usually operated with electric power. Однако, they may have a backup battery that produces extra power when needed. Hardwired smoke detectors are often run on battery power. Motion detectors are often powered exclusively by batteries. Security cameras are frequently powered by electricity, but some cameras are operated by battery power, and others use a combination of both.

When to Replace an Alarm System Battery

Regardless of the type of system that you have, there are several ways to determine when it is time to change the battery.


Although there is some variation in battery longevity, most batteries in alarm systems today will last somewhere between three and five years. Battery lifespan is affected by the kind of batteries that you use and how often you use the system. Motion-sensor batteries typically last for about four or five years, but the newest models have an even longer lifespan of about seven years. As a general rule, you should aim to replace the batteries in your system at the five-year mark if the batteries have not yet been replaced since you installed the system.

Low Battery Warning

Sometimes, you’ll know that it is time to replace the battery on your alarm system if the low battery warning comes on without good reason. If the low battery indicator light illuminates on your system even though it hasn’t used backup battery power in awhile, a battery with little remaining longevity may be the underlying cause. If you notice that the battery’s low warning light continues to stay on, it is probably time to contact an expert from Northeast Battery to take a look at the system and replace the battery if necessary. When you do replace the battery, make sure to get a compatible replacement for the battery system that you currently use in the alarm panel.

Beeping Keypads

If the keypad for your home alarm system starts beeping, it’s a sign that the power supply is low and the battery might need to be replaced. The keypad may beep infrequently at first, but it will beep more consistently as the power supply drains. Replacing the battery will stop the annoying beeping and keep your alarm system working properly, which in turn keeps your home safer. When in doubt, you can check the owner’s manual to learn more about what the beeping sounds indicate.

For more details about your home system alarm’s batteries, contact PAC POWER today.

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