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Qué batería es la más adecuada para el almacenamiento de energía solar?


There are a variety of different solar battery providers who will each claim to offer the ideal option for your home solar energy needs, so it is worth looking around at their competing deals.

Here in the UK, one of the standout options I’ve noticed is the company Moixa, who claim to be the UK’s leading solar battery providers. I really like the visual design of their battery; while a lot of solar batteries look like industrial machinery, the Moixa Smart Battery looks like something from a fashionable spaceship! You can see examples of its design at the top and bottom of this page.

One thing that really stood out to me about Moixa is the fact that they offer an extended (some would call it lifetime) warranty on their solar batteries. Básicamente, they suggest that if you become a member of their Gridshare scheme (no subscription fee, it seems they actually pay you £50 a year for the first three years) then your solar battery warranty is extended for as long as you’re a member.

Given that many estimates suggest that the leading solar battery types will offer a life cycle of between 5 y 15 years of daily use, it seems like this warranty could be a huge bonus for making sure you don’t have to pay for a replacement battery.

Another thing to look out for with solar battery providers is whether they’ll let you add their battery onto your existing solar panels or whether they’re going to exist on selling you the full package.

Those are a couple of elements to look out for, but ultimatelyas with many home, tech and lifestyle purchasesit may come down to whose option and pricing you most like the look of and which brand you get the best impression from.

Whatever your choice, I feel that joining the solar energy revolution is a fantastic step both for your finances and for your environmental conscience.

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