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  • Shenzhen factory charger 1.5A for Lithium- ion Battery Pack 51.8V with UL

    Battery Charger

    Shenzhen factory charger 1.5A for Lithium- ion Battery Pack 51.8V 

    This charger is to charge the Lithium-ion battery pack 14S 51.8V, with 1.5A charging current. We could provide various chargers for lithium battery, and LiFePO4 battery.

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    Shenzhen factory charger 1.5A for Lithium- ion Battery Pack 51.8V with UL

    AC voltage range: AC90 ~ 264V;
    Rating AC voltage: AC100 ~ 240V;
    Frequency: 50 ~ 60HZ;
    No-load input power: ≤2W;
    Rating input current: ≤1.5Arms;
    Rating input power: ≤103W;

    Output voltage range: DC57.1V~58.1V;
    Rating output voltage(CV): DC48V~56V;
    Rating output current(CC): 1.3A~1.6A;
    Compatible battery pack: below 42V15AH;
    Apply in the battery: 42V Below 15AH.

    Rating output power: ≤88.4W;

    Working power: ≥80%;
    Red LED is charging
    Light LED is standby or finished
    Red LED turns green: 0.05A< I<0.2A


    Lithium polymer battery cell manufacturing, with 1000+ existing cell models.
    Cylindrical Lithium ion battery cell manufacturing, with model of 18650, 26650, 14500, 32650, 38120.
    Battery assembly with International branded 18650 cells, like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, etc..
    Battery management system (BMS/PCM) design, production is done in-house.
    Battery Plastic housing tooling, injection is done in-house


    1.Light: headlamp, emergency light, solar flashlight, searchlight, lanten, bicycle light, LED light, military
    flashlight, high-end flashlight, high power flashlight, bright flashlight.
    2.Outdoor sports products: camping light, mountain bike light, solar emergency light, self-defense flashlight,
    3.Consumer electronics: MPS, Tablet PC. laptop, Bluetooth earphone, power bank, portable DVD player,
    speaker, microphone, sound equipment, audio, Digital camera
    4.Home appliances products: electric mop, electric vacuum cleaner, electric children toys, electric shoes,
    electric blanket.
    5.Medical devices
    6.Instruments and meters: water meter, gas meter.
    7.Electric transportation vehicles: electric bike, electric car, e-scooter, electric motor, electric trolley, electric cart.
    8.Power tools: electric drill, mower
    9.UPS, backup energy, storage energy.

    We warmly welcome OEM design inquiry! We could make customized battery pack specially for you!

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