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Quality Assurance

We provide quality warranty by 1~5 years, depend on different battery and different applications. for quality problems, we can send replacement.

Ever since the foundation of our company, we have set up a number of standa rds ranging from raw material inspection, manufacture process
and shipment inspection (QA) as well as after-sales service procedures accord ing to ISO9000. Our management level has met international

standard ranging from product design and development, manufacture to service, and enabled us to provide good quality product and service.

We have introduced many advanced and effective methods and tools during quality management process, e.g. SPC, FMEA, CPK etc.

We keep absorbing international state-of-the-art management methods and modes.

With high quality concept, we commit various reliability test and safety test for all new models
•Cycle life test
•High and low temperature discharge test
•Discharge test at different C rate
•Constant humility and temperature test

•Self-discharge test at different temperatures
•Over charge test
•Over discharge test
•Short test
•Heat shock test • Punch test • Pressure test • 1.2M drop test •Nail penetration

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