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Lipo Battery Safety and Lipo Battery Care


Lipo Battery safety:

First of all, to avoid the storage of Lipo Battery pack in extreme temperatures below 0C or above 50C.
And, Lipo Battery must be kept out of reach of children.
Also, do not dip the Lipo Battery in water or let the battery to get wet.
Furthermore, avoid disposing off the Lipo Battery in fire or heat.
Finally, remember to store your battery pack in a safe and non-flammable container clear of flammable objects.

 Lipo Battery care:

Because Lipo Battery offers ample of power and runtime for radio control fans. These batteries are prone to catching fire if we don’t use in a proper manner. Most of all, heat is a major reason behind excess accumulation of oxygen in it. Ultimately the Lipo Battery pack starts to swell (as a result of build-up of oxygen gas in the battery). And then it’s time to stop using the Lipo Battery. If it is used beyond this time limit then it probably will be dangerous. The Lipo Battery must not be stored at full charge. If you want the longest life of the batteries, you must store them at room temperature at 3.8V per cell. It is also mandatory to put the battery on storage mode after every run.

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