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  • Strong EPS Hybrid Solar Inverter 9kW output lithium battery charger for home energy storage system

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    ♦ Advanced parallel up to 120kW
    Color LCD, IP65 rating
    Stronger EPS
    Easy to use with battery
    Optional 10 years warranty for Us
    Separate generator interface available
    Split phase output available for US model
    Plug & Play, seamless switching under 10ms
    Host inverter automatically generated to manage entire system

    • Specifications
    • System Connection
    • Inverter Parallel Connection
    • Force Time Use and Self Consumption
    Strong EPS Hybrid Solar Inverter 9kW output lithium battery charger for home energy storage system
    Max usable input current(A) 15/15/15
    Max short circuit input current(A) 17/17/17
    Start input voltage(V) 100
    Startup voltage(V) 140
    Full power MPPT voltage range(V) 190-480
    DC nominal voltage(V) MPPT tracker 360
    DC voltage range(V) 100-600
    MPPT operating voltage range(V) 60-480
    Max power(W) 7000/7000/7000
    Number of MPPT(Strings per MPPT) 3(1/1/1)
    Type Lead-acid/Lithium
    Max charge/discharge current(A) 220
    Nominal voltage(V) 48
    Voltage range(V) 40-60
    Nominal output current(A) 37.5
    Max output current(A) 41
    Rated voltage(V) 240
    Operating voltage range(V) 180-270
    Nominal power output(W) 9000
    Max. apparent AC power(VA) 9900
    Operating frequency(Hz) 50/60
    Operating frequency range(Hz) 45-55/55-65
    Phase shift (cosp) 0.99@ full load
    Reactive power adjust range -0.8~+0.8
    THDI <3%
    Nominal output current(A) 37.5
    Nominal output voltage(V) 240
    Rated output power (VA) 9000
    Operating frequency(Hz) 50/60
    Peak power(VA) 1.1xPn/30min 1.25xPn/5min 1.5xPn/30s 2xPn/10s
    THDv <3%
    Switch time(ms) <10
    EU Efficiency 98%
    Max Efficiency @ PV to grid 97.5%
    Max Efficiency @ battery to grid 95%
    MPPT Efficiency 99.9%
    lntegrated disconnect DC switch
    Reverse polarity protection YES
    DC switch rating for each MPPT YES
    Output over voltage protection YES
    Output over current protection YES
    Ground fault monitoring YES
    Grid monitoring YES
    Pole sensitive leakage current monitoring YES
    AFCl OPT
    Dimensions(mm) 650*440*220
    weight(kg) 38kg
    Degree of protection IP65
    Cooling concept FAN
    Topology Transformer-less
    Relative humidity 0~100%
    Altitude(m) <2000
    Noise emission(dB) <50
    Internal consumption(W) <15
    Display Touch color screen

    Communication interface

    Standard Warranty

    5/10 years


    A newly designed solar and energy storage hybrid inverter, installed in on-grid solar, off-grid solar and back-up systems.
    PAC Hybrid solar inverter enables a programmable and schedulable smart solar energy storage system to help increase your solar energy self-consumption rate, protect your home appliances from grid outage, and balance your energy usage strategy to save energy bill.

    • Paralleling PAC hybrid inverters in one phase to extend the single phase system capacity for either hybrid or AC coupled energy storage applications.
    • Paralleling PAC hybrid inverters(single phase inverters) to build a three phase system for either hybrid or AC coupled energy storage applications.
    • Smart paralleling algorithm enable multiple configurable working modes under on-grid, off-grid or micro-grid applications.

    Force time use mode, where there is a big difference tariff times.
    This mode suits for situation where the price difference of energy is big. User can set the charging and discharging time and priority of energy use under Force Time Use mode. The user can also choose whether to charge the battery using grid power if the regulations permitted.

    Under self consumption mode the energy generated by PV will be mainly used by local loads, and rest will be stored in the battery, excessive power will be fed back into the grid.
    This is the default mode which will increase the self consumption rate and reduce the energy bill significantly.


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